3-12 years old

Kingdom Life Kids Ministries– Is dedicated to “Connecting Kids to the Kingdom.” Children are a precious gift from God and we want them to know just how much God loves them. The ministry consists of Sunday morning Bible study, Kids Church and Wednesday evening block parties. Kids participate in worship, dynamic Bible study, prayer and servanthood. It is our desire to prepare your child to be the best they can be in the Kingdom of God and to enjoy the journey.

Connecting Kids to the Kingdom

God is calling His ministry to our children to new heights. He desires to have a deep personal relationship with each child in His creation, to create an environment in which the children placed in the care of this ministry, learn to connect with God in their daily Kingdom lives and show this through loving others. We hope to accomplish this through discipleship and strategically placing people who love children in capacities which allow God’s love to be reflected through them. In addition, we hope to have powerful anointed worship, in which the children can freely express their worship to God! We believe children are spiritual beings just as adults are and as such each child has a great part in the plan of God which is unfolding daily! 

  • Connecting kids through Powerful Spirit filled Worship.

God has given me a vision of our children deep in worship, hands raised to the Lord, knees bowed in submission to Him, and hearts pouring out their love for the King. These same children were laying hands on the sick and they were healed. To facilitate such an amazing worship setting we are putting together a team of musicians to lead the children in a dynamic live worship event.

  • Connecting kids through Dynamic Spirit lead Bible study.

We are putting together a team of teachers who will teach the Word of God in Bible Time (Sunday School). During this time the teacher will impart an uncommon familiarity with the Bible. This will be the setting where the children will interact with the actual Bible passages for the coming week’s lesson. They will also learn the books of the Bible, history surrounding the passage, and Bible navigation.

  • Connecting kids through Fun and engaging Discipleship program.

We will take the Bible passage learned in Bible Time and present relevant meaning to the children’s daily lives. Engaging in age specific group sessions where the week’s lesson will be presented in a life application, targeted at discipleship. This will be reinforced with a scripture memory verse, skits, puppets, dramas, and games. While in this setting the children can interact directly with the scriptures in a “real life” sort of way.

Ministry Leader - Kelly Diehl at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..