Senior Adult Ministry

 Who We Are…

The senior adult ministry exist to “connect people to the Kingdom” through encouragement, fellowship, and Christian service.  We want senior adults to know that these are their best years of their lives and we want them to enjoy them as such.  We want to engage every senior adult in the life of the ministry through ministry involvement, leadership involvement, fellowship, activity involvement, and allow them to share their wealth of wisdom, experience, and joy within the Kingdom Life ministry.

 Why We Are Going There… (Priority of why)

The reason we believe it is important to build an excellent senior adult ministry is because as they grow older it is important for them to build relationships and have friendships, to have a sense of belonging to an extended family, to have a sense of purpose and value in their lives, and to have a place where they can use their gifts and talents to make a difference in the church and community.

 What It Feels Like To Be Going There… (Fulfillment)

There is nothing more fulfilling and fun than to attend an activity function with the senior adult ministry. There is laugher, fun, food, and fellowship.  I never go away without feeling lifted up, refreshed, encouraged, and my soul and stomach full.

What The Rewards Will Be… (Benefit of involvement)

As senior adults grow older it is important that they feel loved and cared for.  There is a real blessing and benefit when we involve ourselves and serve seniors by providing a growing, caring, and loving environment.  (I had one lady tell me, “If it weren’t for this ministry I would not have any family or relationships.”)  It is not God’s will for senior adults to grow bitter and lonely, but rather to know they are valued and can make a great impact in the Kingdom Life Ministries.  You will be blessed if you choose to involve yourself in this exciting ministry!  We look forward to seeing you at our next function.

 How people can plug in or get involved

Anyone who is senior age is welcome to attend any of the many ministry functions & activities.  Please check monthly bulletin, bulletin board for upcoming events. Or you can just simply ask one of our many senior adults in our church and they would be happy to welcome you to our next event.

 Where We Are Going… (Vision, Direction & Goals)

 It is our desire to build a senior adult ministry that serves the needs of our senior adults as they grow older.  We will do this by:

  • Monthly activities which embrace spiritual support as well as meaningful fellowship, fun, and food.
  • Providing a senior adult room for Sunday school, education, and activities.
  • Providing one or two community service events each year.
  • Plan annual road trip.
  • Providing a future senior adult center that will be a designated area for our senior adults to have weekly activities, care, counseling, and place for the senior adults of our community to come and build relationships and know the love of Jesus Christ.
  • Special services, singings, and dinners.

Join us each Sunday morning at 9:15am in room#110

Leaders - Glenn and Jennifer Huffman